Your business website is the front door to all you have to offer, so it makes sense that you would want it to make a good impression on consumers right from the first look. Website design plays a major role in how consumers react to and interact with your brand. Your business needs a well-designed website so you can stand apart from the competition to connect immediately with your target audience. This is where clean website design enters the picture.

First, what does clean website design mean? “Cleanliness” of a website is rooted in simplicity. Clean website design requires a refined approach to providing a full presentation of your business via a straightforward, uncomplicated user experience that boosts visual engagement and user interaction. Making a “clean” first impression is important.

A professional digital marketing and website design company can help you create a clean website for your business. A professional can optimize your website by focusing on a few specific design elements as they choose layouts, fonts, and images/graphics.

Usually, the first element of concern is the use of space. A skilled website designer will take advantage of the negative space for immediate website cleanliness. He or she will use negative space to present your business without visual clutter. User traffic decreases on websites that seem cluttered and disorganized; users don’t want to feel confused by a chaotic site and often will leave it in search of a more user-friendly site. That’s why it is crucial to incorporate the negative space into the design to emphasize the specific content on each page, whether it is written content like a blog post or visual content like photos or embedded video and help guide users to it. 

Relatedly, color is often used in the negative space for an intentional contrast that highlights readability (especially noteworthy because negative space is often referred to as white space). A website design expert will make sure to use a color scheme that is tailored precisely for your business website. Color is key when it comes to creating just the right contrast and balance to help subtly distinguish between different sections and pages of a clean website.

Another element that professional website designers address is layout. They will concentrate on clarity and easy access to content on your website; they choose a layout that is simple and consistent to achieve this. They understand the design aspect of alignment and the role it plays in holding the attention of site users, as well as the need for site navigation tools that allow simple and direct access to information.

In our next blog post, we will continue this discussion of clean website design. We will touch more on navigation, as well as on image optimization and calls to action.

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