Digital Marketing: An Overview

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a means of marketing products and services that involves reaching consumers through advertising and promotion on internet websites, mobile device apps, social media platforms, search engines, display advertising, and other channels. Effective digital marketing will create brand awareness for a company and the products/services it has to offer, as well as earn trust from the target audience, and draw consumers to your website to eventually convert them into loyal customers/clients.

Professional companies like Eye See You Now employ a wide range of tactics and technologies to reach consumers via digital channels. The overall goal is to improve the percentage of total sales/conversions generated by clients; this is known as boosting market share.

Some components are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website marketing (including site design and management), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. While there are other advertising/marketing elements that can be incorporated into a company’s digital marketing plan, these are the most common. The following tables offer a basic breakdown.

  Search Engine Optimization Website Marketing Social Media Marketing Content Marketing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing
WHAT IS IT? the process of getting traffic from free, organic, natural search results in search engines the strategic promotion of a business website to drive traffic to the on-site conversion funnel the use of social media platforms to build awareness of a company’s brand, increase sales of products/ services, and drive website traffic a long-term, strategic marketing approach focused on building a strong relationship with a target audience by consistently creating and distributing high-quality, relevant content a profitable and cost-effective form of direct marketing that uses email to promote a company’s products or services

the use of features of modern mobile technology (i.e., smartphone apps, QR codes, location services, etc.)

to promote products and services via mobile devices

WHAT IS THE GOAL? to improve a business website’s position/rank on search results pages to attract consumers who are interested in a company’s products/ services to increase  consumer engagement and improve the customer or client experience, in order to increase revenue to capture the attention of a target audience in order to ultimately drive profitable action by loyal customers/ clients to provide valuable information to consumers regarding a company’s products/ services, in order to boost conversions and revenue to boost customer/ client engagement by leveraging cross-platform strategies, so as to increase brand awareness and build authority

What is data analytics in digital marketing?

Data analytics is the process of keeping track of clients’ marketing strategies using specialized systems and software to examine and analyze digital marketing data sets for companies/clients, in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. More specifically, a professional company uses data analytics processes and technologies to evaluate client-specific digital marketing means and methods to determine if they have helped or hindered business. They use analytics to find key performance indicators (KPIs) that identify different trends and patterns over time; this helps them continue to make effective marketing decisions into the future.

Why should you invest in professional digital marketing?

Digital marketing is often a game-changer when it comes to boosting business for companies. Doing without professional digital marketing services will lead to limited success at best and total business collapse at worst. It has its challenges, but the pros at Eye See You Now can help by taking on that aspect of business operations on behalf of its clients. They can focus on the challenges of lead and traffic generation and customer/client-focused marketing, changing consumer behavior, trend analysis and search engine algorithm update tracking, increased industry competition, and everything in between, so business owners and company administrators can focus on providing their very best service and their very best product/service.


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