With the amount of time and effort it takes to manage the day-to-day difficulties of managing a small business, you may be wondering how on earth to manage another thing on your plate. We’re referring, of course, to maintaining and updating a website consistently because small businesses need a blog.

While it may seem like an intimidating effort, a high-quality, frequently updated website increases both the credibility and visibility of your business to customers. A website is not only a place to market yourself to anyone with internet (over half of the world’s population), it can contain all sorts of quality content that you regularly post which should be useful and interesting to customers. This type of content generally qualifies as a blog, and you should absolutely maintain one if you’re trying to lead traffic to your site:

Social Media Efforts Will Be Boosted

Creating shareable content on your blog is perfect for building up your social media platforms. Interesting, entertaining, and valuable content can result in many social media shares from both existing and potential customers, and content shared from your blog will automatically point right back to your website and provide potential leads.

Build Relationships with Potential Customers

Having a comments section on your blog will enable you to engage in discussions with customers, both existing and potential. For instance, asking questions is a great way to begin a conversation, then waiting for users to leave comments for you to interact with them. The same applies for social media, which will likely have more engagement. Doing this will provide you with the chance to gain insight and build trust involving exactly what customers are looking for.

Convert Leads from Traffic

The more traffic your site has, the more chances you have to convert that traffic into leads. Small businesses need a blog because they don’t have the pre-built customers base and brand recognition of large corporations. All new content will offer the opportunity to generate leads, especially when you add a call-to-action button on each blog post you make.

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